Counter Strike Rage Day Key

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Supported game version: Steam
Supported Game Mode: Windowed / Windowed Full Screen / Full Screen
Supported Windows OS: 10 / 11 x64
Supported anti-cheats: Valve Anti-Cheat
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
Streamproof: Yes


Current weapon / Setting for the selected weapon
Tab enable / Activate aimbot
Aim key / Set a key for the aimbot to work (for the aimbot to work, the selected key must be pressed and held)
Aim spot / Set the body part for the aimbot to work
Aim smooth / Set aimbot aiming smoothness
Aim radius / Set the radius of the aimbot
Aim precision / Set aimbot aiming accuracy
Compensate recoil / Activate weapon recoil compensation when the aimbot function is running
Spotted only / Set the aimbot to work only on visible enemies in the radar
Auto switch / Automatic change of target when killed
RCS threshold / Allows you to adjust the level of recoil compensation by the aimbot


Tab enable / Activate trigger bot
Trigger key / Set the key for the bot trigger
Ignore team / Activate the bot to ignore its own team trigger


Tab enable / Activate visual functions
Show bounding box / Display a 2D square on players
Show skeleton / Display skeleton on players
Show snaplines / Display lines to players
Show player weapon / Display player weapons
Show player health / Display enemy health
Show player name / Display player nicknames
Show player equipment / Display enemy equipment
Snow planted C4 / Display C4 plant location and time to explosion
Show distance / Display the distance to opponents
Ignore team / Activate ignoring your own team
Ignore spotted / Activate ignoring "visible" players


Save cpu / Save CPU resources
Load config from clipboard / Load saved settings configuration
Save config to clipboard / Save selected settings to clipboard


Menu language selection / Menu language selection (available languages: English / Chinese)
Show aim radius / Display the radius of the aimbot
Show custom crosshair / Display the crosshair in the center of your screen
Show radar / Enable radar (moving the radar across the screen is done by pointing the mouse arrow at the radar and holding down LMB)
Radar size / Set radar size
Radar radius / Set radar radius

The functionality of the program can be changed at any time at the discretion of the developer, but we always try to keep the information up to date